Bingo Guide

Online Bingo is the game of chance played on the internet on various online casinos worldwide. It was launched in 1996, and the first version of online bingo which was free was known as 'Bingo Zone'. Another pioneer for a free online game was Uproar that introduced 'Bingo Blitz' in 1998.

When it comes to the origin of the modern game which we know today, there are certain similarities with a game played in Italy called as 'Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia' which was popular around the 1530s. Later in France in the 18th-century tokens, playing cards and calling out of numbers were added. In the Germany around 19th-century similar games were played to children animal names, spelling and multiplication tables. 

In 1778 in France appeared the game called as 'Le Lotto' which was featuring layout of twenty-seven squares divided into nine columns and three rows. Five squares in every row contained numbers from one to ninety which led to the modern game design known today.


'Beano' the Carnival Game

The game was further developed and popularized by Edwin Lowe. The Lowe-developed version of the game featured 12-card and 24-card sets. By the 1940s, Bingo games spread throughout the United States. The origin of the game's name is still unknown, but it may date to the middle of the 1920s from a similar game called 'Beano' which was widely played at various occasions featuring cardboard sheets, a rubber stamp, and dried beans. Tha game was later further developed and brought to different carnivals in and around the Western Pennsylvania area and Pittsburgh.


Today bingo is one of the most popular games of chance all over the world. Big brand names are laughing bingo games on their already popular online casino sites to addition to a significant number of land-based casinos which are offering bingo games as well. The most recent version of the game 'charity bingo' was established. There is the constant increase in a number of people playing online bingo, and it became one of the favorite leisure activities.

Lucky Bingo Balls

Dozens of websites and online casinos are offering the chance to play bingo online. The most common variants include ninety, eighty or seventy-five balls. Online bingo operators are often offering bonus rewards such as free bingo games. The main difference between 90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, and 75 Ball Bingo is in the game's speed, the way of the number arrangements on the cards, available winning patterns and the number of balls called out during the game.

  • 75 Ball Bingo:

This is the most favorite version of online bingo in the Unites States and Canada, and there is no respectable online bingo room without it. The cards are arranged in five by five pattern with the empty middle square. The numbers are called from ne to seventy-five until the winning combination emerges. Before the start of each game keep in mind that winning patterns are replaced between each game. The most popular winning patterns are filling diagonal and horizontal lines as well as shapes of different letters.

  • 80 Ball Bingo:

This is a later addition to online bingo games, and the main difference is in a card design. In this version of the game, the numbers are arranged in four to four pattern with no space. Columns are created in different colors for players to spot numbers quicker. The aim of the game is same, played with winning patterns. The innovative card design means that more winning patterns are available. These new patterns include a corner or diagonal bingo. With more fun patterns and more number called out, winning odds are greater.

  • 90 Ball Bingo:

The 90 Ball Bingo card is arranged into three lines and nine columns. Each of these lines contains five empty spaces and five numbers. The 90 Ball Bingo cards are usually bought in sets containing six cards. Each set includes numbers from one to ninety which are repeated only one time during the game. There are possible three winning patterns at the same time, full house, first line and second line. The greatest advantage of this version of the online bingo is in its simplicity and three chances per game to win a prize.

There is a lot more to online bingo besides actual game. Most major online bingo sites are offering player plenty of fun and informative stuff such as bingo news, comments and pictures from bingo winners, news about online bingo tournaments and a list of prizes and gift certificates you can win. The main online bingo game attraction is bingo card which is a pop-up window which contains various information such as:

  • Purchased card faces, mostly three of them
  • Previously called numbers, the current number, and a tote board
  • Current players list
  • A 'chat room' where players can communicate with each other between the games

Getting Started With Online Bingo

To access online bingo games first you have to sign up to the online bingo website and set up an account. Make sure you provided an e-mail address that is valid or you won't be able to claim any prize. Most of the online bingo games are coverall and straight-line games.

After you set your online bingo account, you will get three cards, which you will be able to see in the pop-up window. The online bingo numbers are called out randomly based on Random Number Generator. The winning pattern appears on the bingo window in the upper right corner. When your pattern matches the winning pattern, you click on the 'Bingo' button.

The winnings for online bingo may vary from online version to another. For example, for a progressive blackout, the winnings are a lot higher than in straight-up bingo. A straight-up bingo winners are splitting their winning prize. When it comes to the odds, there is no difference from odds in the real bingo hall.

Online Bingo is a game based on luck, providing users a plenty of funny and exciting moments and it can be even financially rewarding. No special skills and knowledge are required to play the game, but following some strategy tips, you can increase your chances of winning.

  • Choose a reputable online bingo site
  • Don't play with too many cards at the same time
  • Manage with your daily money limit
  • Pick the right time to play
  • Socialize and have fun