Craps Guide

Probably one of the most exciting and interesting gambling games available to play at live casinos is the game of Craps. Following the trend, online Craps also gained great popularity. Craps table is where the most interesting action happens, and there is no surprise why people are gathering around the table to watch what's going on with excitement.

Craps is a dice game in which players have to make the wagers of their roll or a series of rolls. There is a possibility for players to wager money against other players which are known as playing 'street craps' or 'shooting dice'. Requirements for playing 'street craps' are minimal, and therefore it can be played in less formal settings. On the other hand playing 'casino craps' also known as 'table craps' are played at various mortar and brick casinos as well as at online casinos.

In either instance, the game of craps offers plenty of fun and exciting actions always attracting a crowd to gather around the craps table. Suitable for all levels of experience and all preferences, the game offers a broad range of compelling betting options.


Let's Roll the Dice

The game which we know today as craps, developed as a simplification of an English game called the game of 'hazard'. Many historians believe that this interesting name of game 'Craps' evolved from the French word crapaud that means 'toad'. This name has been used to describe the stance of craps players, especially 'street craps' players who were gathered around squatting over next to the game.

Following its origins, the game was later improved by French gamblers. Today what is known as craps game was introduced to the United States by Bernard de Mandeville, who was a gambler and politician situated in Louisiana. Thanks to him, the game gained an enormous popularity on streets of New Orleans.

However, there was a flow in this version of the game because players were able to use fixed dices and limited betting options to exploit the casino. To correct this problem, an American dice manufacturer named John H. Winn came to an idea to develop 'don't pass' betting option, and his version of craps is the version which we know today and is played in online and land-based casinos worldwide.

It should be noted that thanks to enormous popularity of 'street craps', the 'casino craps' game is enormously popular today. 'Street craps' is generally played informally on various sidewalk areas or at any street surface. During World War II the game was enjoying an immense popularity among soldiers who were playing the game while waiting for orders. In this case, the craps were played using an army blanket as a 'backstop' for the dice. This led to a special rolling technique named as 'army blanket roll' which is still in practice today.

Place a Bet Before the Come-out Roll

The basic rules for playing online craps remains the same regardless at with online casino you are playing. It should be noted that individual casinos have the power to determine which bets they want to offer in their game. The player participating who is engaged in rolling a pair of dice is known as the shooter. The player can choose among various betting options. After making the decision, the player is placing chips on certain areas of the craps table, depending on his bet.

  • Familiarize yourself with the craps table:

If you take a look at the craps table, you will notice area which goes all around the table. Thi area is known as a 'Pass' line. This area is for those who are on the shooters side. For the players who are betting against the shooter is 'Don't Pass' bar.

Besides these areas, there is an area for one-roll bets or proposition. That is where you are when betting on one particular roll. Naturally, there is also an area for 'hard-way' bets where you can bet for example that an eight will come as two fours before coming up any other combination.

Section of the craps table marked as 'Field' is for one-roll bets that one of seven numbers included will come up next. The marked areas containing numbers four, five, six, eight, nine and ten are for 'Buy' and 'Place' bets, that chosen numbers will be rolled before the next seven. In the each corner of the table you will find areas marked as Big 8 and Big 6 which are representing the bets that an eight or six will be rolled before seven.

  • Place your bet:

With fairly good odds, the  'Don't Pass' line is quite simple to play. If the shooter comes out with a numbers 2, 3 and 12, 'don't pass' bets are winning. This is called craps. If the shooter comes out with numbers seven and eleven, the pass line is winning money.

In the situation when the shooter come out with numbers four, five, six, eight and ten, all bets that are on the 'don't pass' line will remain there. For example, if the point number is eight is the player is trying to roll it before he rolls seven. If another number is rolled out, it doesn't matter, but in the case when he rolls eight, everybody passes. If he succeeds in rolling his point number, he starts all over again by placing another bet on the 'don't pass' line.

If you are playing the same line as a shooter, you can place an additional bet. This is known as playing an 'odds bet'. In this case, if the shooter rolls his point, both of you will win your 'don't pass' bet, and the 'odds bet' placed on the table. Like any other bet, 'odds bet' are following the same rules. You can change your odds bets at any time during the game.

In addition to your earlier bets, you can place a ' (don't) come bet' as well. You don't have to play both bets, but to play either of these to you must play the '(don't) pass' line. These bets are placed on the areas marked as '(don't) come' areas of the craps table. The outcome of these bets is affecting only you.

Let's assume that the next number rolled after you put your come bet is four, five, six, eight or ten. A number next rolled becomes your own 'come point'. A Come Bets works just like a pass line bets. If the shooter comes up with your come point before throwing a seven, you win. In another case, if he comes up with a seven, you lose both your come bet as well as your pass line bet.

Get to Know the Game

Playing online craps may seem like a very complicated game to learn, but once you spend some quality time just observing the game and following some basic tips, you should not have any problems in understanding and playing online craps in any online casino. To get started, try following these simple tips for playing online craps.

  • Understand the game: Before you get started, you should learn basics about the game and ground rules regarding different online craps versions.
  • The 'Pass Line' bet is the best bet on the come-out role : In this case, you are winning if the shooter rolls eleven or seven and lose if he rolls two, three or twelve. House advantage, in this case, is just 1.41 percentage.
  • Always take the odds bet: Having zero house edge, placing an additional bet is the best option when it's possible.
  • Place come bets: After a point has been established, come bets can be placed. Your chances are increased if the shooter rolls your come point or his point you are winning in both cases.
  • Place two come bets in addition to pass line bet: This is one of the most used betting strategies when it comes to the online craps. By placing two come bets, you have three numbers that are working for you and increasing your chances. As soon as one of your numbers win, place another bet, so you always have three numbers in the game.
  • Don' bet on Big 8, Big 6, Hard 4 and Hard 10: In this case, the house edge is around nine percentage, and the payout is one to one. You win if the shooter rolls eight or six before rolling a seven. Considered to be poor bets, hard 10 and hard 4 are the bets where the house edge is around eleven percentage with the payout seven to one. Actual chances of getting a pair of fives and pair of twos are low.

Playing online craps is probably the most interesting game played in every major mortar and brick casino as well as at various online casinos. Online craps are the game of chance, but there is no harm in learning certain tips and strategy moves to increase your odds and improve your gaming experience.