Fruit Shop Slot

Have you ever played a video slot that awards free spins literally all the time?

If not, you may want to check out Fruit Shop, one of the more popular NetEnt slot titles, a game which awards some free spins every time you get any combination of the five more valuable symbols and continues extending them as long as you are making any wins.

This may sound too good to be true, but it is in fact so as Fruit Shop is a very generous slot that will definitely not eat up your bankroll fast and may just end up awarding you some major winnings without any special jackpots.

Fruit Shop Gameplay

Fruit Shop slot 15 paylines across 5 reels, with bets ranging from $0.01 per payline to $10 per payline. This means you can bet anywhere between $0.15 and $150 per spin, making the slot interesting for all types of players. The game includes five number symbols, five fruit symbols and a Wild symbol.

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all other symbols and will double the winnings of any payline that it is a part of. The Wilds can help make some good wins, but the real money in the game of Fruit Shop comes from the easily triggered free spins.

Fruit Shop Free Spins

The major feature of Fruit Shop is the free spins. Unlike most other games where free spins are triggered in bulk by stopping multiple scatter symbols, Fruit Shop free spins trigger every time you stop any three fruit symbols on a payline or just two double cherries.

The longer the payline, the more spins you get, with a maximum of 5 initial free spins. During the free spins, any win at all will award you with additional free spins. To make matters even better, all wins during free spins are doubled.

Fruit Shop free spins are known for paying some solid wins and often lasting quite long as even a small win will give you additional spins. This makes Fruit Shop a fairly low variance slot with solid payouts and a game everyone should give a go.

Start Playing Fruit Shop Now

Fruit Shop is not the type of slot where you will be waiting for some major jackpots, but rather one where you can steadily grow your bankroll by winning many free spins and gradually making your way up the stakes with a little luck.

If you are ready to start playing Fruit Shop for real money, simply register with one of our NetEnt casinos, claim your bonus and jump into the action.