NRVNA the Nxt Xperience Slot

NRVNA The Nxt Xperience Review 

If you are looking for an experience that will help you fill your mind with peace and serenity and your pockets with loads of cash than NRVNA The Nxt Xperience is the game you were looking for. Designed with an idea of relaxing and soothing your thoughts and letting your mind wander off, NRVNA The Nxt Xperience is one of NetEnt’s finest games.  

NRVNA The Nxt Experience Gameplay 

The game features 30 paylines across 5 reels and a design very similar to the popular Starburst slot. If you have ever played Starburst, the design will be very familiar, but the gameplay is somewhat different. The game features a number of symbols with different values and a Wild symbol that can substitute them all and will triple any winnings when it is a part of the winning payline.  

The big wins will mostly come from NRVNA The Nxt Xperience free spins, which re-triggered by getting three or more Scatter symbols on the board. Three Scatters will trigger 10 free spins, four will trigger 15 and five will trigger 30 free spins. Additional free spins can be won during the free spins. 

After every free spin, a double wheel will be spun, awarding multipliers between 2x and 10x and potential additional free spins. The multipliers also apply to paylines with a Wild, meaning you could get a 30x multiplier on one or more paylines, for some massive winnings.  

While the slot does not feature any jackpots, the winnings you can make during the free spins more than compensate for this fact and actually mane NRVNA The Nxt Xperience one very profitable and enjoyable experience.  

NRVNA The Nxt Experience Graphics And Audio 

From the perspective of graphics and audio, NRVNA was designed to be a soothing experience and this is one aspect where no mistake was made. The slot features futuristic and relaxing graphics and animations that are extremely aesthetically pleasing along with sounds that are not obtrusive but rather mild and gentle.  

There are no complex symbols in this game, as most are just numbers and simple slot symbols such as bells, four-leaf clovers, and horseshoes, symbols of luck. If you are lucky enough to combine those with the equally simple Wild symbol, you are in for a major payday.  

Conclusion: Jump In And Rest Your Mind 

Playing NRVNA The Nxt Xperience is a very soothing experience and the fact the slot allows you to bet as little as $0.01 per payline and $0.30 per spin means everyone can afford to join play at NRVNA. Simply join one of our NetEnt Casinos today, make a small deposit, take advantage of the generous bonuses on offer and enjoy the ultimate slot experience of NRVNA The Nxt Xperience.