Casino Payout and Odds Guide

The games offered at online casinos are essentially the same throughout various casinos, but the winning odds and payouts may vary from one online casino to another. One of the greatest advantages of online casino lies in a fact that they aren't limited by space. On the other hand, even though some live casinos are located in a large area, they still have space restrictions and must be selective when it comes to their games.

Online casinos don't have any space restrictions, and they are offering many different variations of each game available. At the live online casino, you can play one or two variants of poker and blackjack games, and an internet casino room will offer much more variations of real money games to choose.


Profits and regulations

Online casinos offer payout percentage which is above the average. To ensure fairness and honesty, all games available at an online casino are audited by well-known accounting firms each month. The monthly payout represents the total amount of money which is returned to players expressed in percentages. The higher the percentage for a given period, in most case a period of one month, the more money paid out to players.

When it comes to the local gambling regulations, some live casinos may undergo some restrictions which can limit the number of games available and format and style of different games. For example, there is a slight difference in structure between European and North American roulette due to local gambling restrictions based on geographical areas. Online casinos exist only in a limitless virtual space, and therefore these factors don't have an impact on them.

When putting all these aspects of online gambling into a single conclusion, it becomes apparent that the freedom is the ultimate reason for online casinos to be more profitable than live casinos. Online casino websites don't undergo certain local restrictions. Therefore they can offer a higher payout option on the real cash gambling games.

For a great online casino experience, choose a reputable online casino website which is offering a fantastic virtual gambling experience, as well as the best online casino payouts.

Which Online Casino Game Has the Best Odds?

If you are thinking about embarking on an adventure known as online gambling, it's important to know which online casino game offers the best odds. Online casino games provide the predictable advantage to the house and in same time offering the player various possibilities of a short-term payout. It is possible to minimize the casino edge through skillful play, but it's almost impossible for a player to remove his long-term disadvantage completely.

The casino edge or vigorish is the casino profit based on the player's original bet expressed in percentages. Casino edge varies from one game to another, therefore in games such as Spanish 21 and blackjack, if the player split or double the final bet may be several times higher than the original bet.

For example in American roulette house edge where there are two zeros that lead to a higher casino advantage in comparison with a European roulette. The casino edge varies greatly from one game to another, some games are having a house edge of 0.3 percentage, while others like Keno can go higher up to 25 percentages.

This kind of knowledge is valuable and can help you make smarter betting options in your favorite online casino game. It is important to look for online casino games with the lowest house edge. Some of the highest paying online gambling games and the amount of an edge that casino has are as following:

Game Rules/Bet Casino Edge
Blackjack Vegas Rules 0.28%


American roulette

European roulette



Baccarat Player






Video Poker Jacks or Better 0.46%

The Odds of Online Gambling

  • Online Blackjack Odds

Being the highest paying online gambling game, the every deck you add into the game, the casino advantage increases by around 0.02%. When you are playing a single deck, it means you have increased chances of winning than if you were in a land-based casino. The casino advantage is just around one percentage, which is much better than many other casino games. The simplicity of the game and playing only against the dealer results into being exposed to lower risk.

  • Online Roulette Odds

In the beginning, it should be noted that your odds of winning are lower in an American roulette because this version contains a single zero and double zero unlike a European roulette with a single zero. Players are making a big mistake by betting on a single number which is appealing if we take into consideration the payout of thirty-five to one. The wiser strategy would include hedging your bets with some other wager options such as covering three horizontal numbers (Streets), covering a square of four numbers(Corners) or covering two rows of six numbers(Lines).

  • Online Baccarat Odds

It's more profitable betting on the Banker position since the overall house edge is 1.06 percentage compared to 1.24 percentage when betting on the Player position. Online casinos aren't in the business of money giving away, and the house imposes tax for betting on the Banker which is five percentage. The combination of this tax together with a house edge percentage, you are left with a house edge of 1.17 percentage.

  • Online Slots Odds

When it comes to the odds in slots, they vary from one slot machine to another. The main difference between classic and modern slots in some wheels, therefore modern video slots mostly contain three reels, while classic slots game feature five reels.

The advantage of playing three-reel slots lies in a fact that you have to cover fewer paylines, which increases your chance of winning. Online slots odds are tied to the different amount of winning paylines and according to various symbols. Their rate of ninety-five percentage or more payout rate is higher than any other online casino game payout percentage.

  • Online Scratch Cards Odds

Other the most common creation of instant gambling games definitely would be scratch games. Similar to traditional classic paper-made cards, online scratch cards offer more advanced versions to play at various online casino websites. When it comes to the payout rate, potential payouts structure vary from one game to another, and it might be difficult to count how many payouts are there. Modern scratch cards and slots include more confusing variables and sometimes is best to stick with roulette or blackjack due to familiarity and simplicity of the games.