Planet of the Apes

Created in cooperation with the 20th Century Fox and themed after one of the most memorable movie franchises of all time, Planet of the Apes slot is the latest video slot by the popular casino game developer, NetEnt.

NetEnt’s latest creation is a true masterpiece when it comes to the video slot industry, combining together two separate slot machines, one for each of the two popular Planet of the Apes titles, Rise or the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

The two slot machines act as separate, but are played along, with certain features jumping across the board to cover both slots, making the game extremely fun to play and bringing together a completely new game dynamic which is not found in other NetEnt slots.

Gameplay and Features

In technical terms, Planet of the Apes slot is a combination of two 20 line video slots, each coming with five reels and three slots on each reel. This means players need to bet a minimum of 40 coins per line, with $0.01 being the minimum coin value.

The two slots spin at the same time, with different symbols appearing in each, themed after the respective movies. The symbols in each slot appear separately, with each slot having a Scatter and Wild symbol of its own. The one feature that does break the border between the two slots is the Stacked Wilds feature, which appears simultaneously in both slots and can lead to big wins on the spin it appears on.

Other gameplay feature of the game include Scatter win which is triggered by three or more Scatter symbols appearing in either slot, the Rise and Dawn Bonus features which can be triggered by the corresponding symbols appearing in either side of the screen and the Rise and Dawn Free Spins which are triggered by the Scatter symbols.

The game’s features not only provide for ample winning opportunities, but also extremely action packed and exciting gameplay that is bound to keep you on the edge throughout your experience. From a gameplay perspective, Planet of the Apes slot is easily one of the most exciting slots the good folks at NetEnt have ever produced.

Graphics and Audio

Planet of the Apes slot provides not only fun gameplay but also a visually spectacular one. The slot uses symbols directly out of the popular movie franchise, with the apes and other characters out of the two movies appearing in the roles of the higher paying symbols.

The entire gameplay is supported by audio tracks from the movies and high quality sound effects, while the cut scenes at the start of the game and during gameplay features rival scenes from the movie and make the overall experience even more vivid and fun.

Overall speaking, Planet of the Apes is a video slot you will not want to miss and any slot player will absolutely love the extra dynamics that NetEnt’s idea of bringing two slots together brings to the experience.