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Play Ojo Casino
Play Ojo Casino

PlayOJO opens its virtual doors in early 2017 and has swiftly grown to be one of the most respected and trusted online casino sites. entered the industry as the fair online casino by scrapping wagering requirements and offering players money back on every bet, win or lose.

This new player proposition quickly gained attention from legions of players. OJO casino is the first ever online casino to not have wagering requirements, leading the way for a fairer online casino experience. This industry-changing approach has seen other casinos follow suit and offer a fairer play. OJO has simply changed the online casino industry for the better.

All wins are paid in cash!

PlayOJO only deals in real money and real play, so everything is completely withdrawable without any restrictions. It’s a straight up ‘what you see is what you get’ approach and this is something players appreciate. OJO doesn’t have traditional bonuses with hidden terms, all rewards and bonuses are paid in cash so you can play or withdraw at any time, this has given players back control of their money. PlayOJO casino is the good guys in a bad neighbourhood when it comes to casino play. This real money promise is what players have been waiting for and OJO has delivered.

Money back on every bet!

PlayOJO is also the first online casino to give players money back on every bet with the exclusive OJOplus feature. Every time you play a game, a slice of the money will go into a separate OJOplus account that can be played or withdrawn at any time. This means players enjoy a higher RTP because of the extra free money you get on every bet. So, if you want to play a slot game that all casinos host then why not play at since you’re be getting back money on every bet. OJOplus is available on all games so you can earn money back on live casino play, progressive jackpot slots and all other slots.

Up to 50 Free Spins on first deposit!

When you join PlayOJO you get 1 Free Spin for every £1 you deposit, up to 50 Free Spins on a popular slot game.