Slots Guide

One of the most popular games at online casinos is online slots machines. Major online casino sites are offering players hundreds of slots games. Massive games developing establishments such as Betsoft, Microgaming and NetEnt and other online casino providers, produced some of the most popular online slots platforms.

Slot machines or online slots are traditionally based on the one-armed bandits. They were originally operated by a lever which rests on the side of the machine. Later, slot machines with a button on a front panel were developed, but many modern slot machines are still equipped with a lever in addition to the button.

As technology has developed, it was possible to produce virtual video slots, fully automated and animated. Today, online casinos can offer a plethora of exciting, innovative and captivating online slots. As technology has advanced, themes and graphics are just kept getting better. With massive progressive jackpots and ingenious ways of winning casino rewards, there is no surprise that online slots are the most popular way of gambling in online casinos worldwide.

To ensure a fair gaming experience, third party bodies are regularly checking well-known games developers. Secure and safe betting sites are offering a truly random gaming with greater winning odds in a safe environment.


Liberty Bell Machine

There are two accounts of how the first slot machine came into existence. Both of these versions are kind of interesting and colorful whether you choose to believe in first or second one. There is a story about a man named Charles Fey who, somewhere between 1887 and 1895, developed a simple gambling machine. With a simple automatic mechanism, the machine contained three spinning reels and a total of five symbols, and they were diamonds, spades, horseshoes, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell symbol gave the machine its name.

The second account of how the first slot machine came into existence is equally interesting. This second version includes two inventors, Sittman and Pitt who developed their gambling machine in 1895 which is believed to be a precursor to the modern slots machines. The Pittman/Sitt machine was based on five drums which were holding a total of 50 card symbols and was originally based on poker.

Some historians believe that Fey introduced his gambling machine in 1895, which is well past the introduction of Sittman/Pitt machine. Certain similarities between these two machines are particularly in the mechanics of the games. Regarding both of these machines, a player was required to place a coin to be deposited before pulling a lever located on the side of a slot machine.

The lever was featured in all subsequent slots machines which lead to the term 'one-armed bandits' that alluded to how players were sometimes robbed by the slot machine.

Decide What to Bet

Each online casino game has its bonuses, minimum bets, payouts structure and returns to player specified rates. The strategy of playing online slots is way less complex than games such as roulette or blackjack, and there are still particular ground rules that you should know before hitting spin in any game.

Rules in online slots may differ from one manufacturer to another, but the ground rules remain more or less the same. First, the bet has to be made to start any online slot game. Most major online slots will offer you several options regarding the coin size and amount of coins per pay line or per spin. If you want to place a maximum pay line bet on every spin, you can just press the 'Max Bet' button. Before making any bets ensure that you have enough credits to play. Funds are automatically deducted from your online casino account.

Different kinds of slots are now available at major brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos. When you think about video and progressive slots, consider them as an offspring of the classic slots. Depending on which kind of slot you are playing, ground rules are still similar.

Online Video Slots:

The classic online slots featured three reels and one to five pay lines. The symbols on these slots were generally various fruits including lemons, limes, cherries as well as other symbols like stars, horseshoes, bars and playing cards symbols.

Online video slots on the other hand feature five reels with ten or more pay lines. How the reels spin and all other mechanical elements involved in their movements are purely digital and controlled by the computer.

Online Progressive Slots:

Representing the ultimate online slots for many slots fans are the progressive slots. Offering incredible winning opportunities, there is no surprise that progressive slots are becoming the center of online slot industry.

The progressive online slots follow the same ground rules as just about any other type of slots available. These slots feature standard five reel video slots at its core gameplay offering the bonus of a progressive jackpot. The game can be play in the same manner as any other five reel slot following the same rules.

The real difference is in the progressive jackpot portion. This kind of online slot game requires players to bet the largest coin size and activating the maximum number of pay lines per each spin meaning betting on maximum bet. In order to achieve this and qualify for the primary progressive jackpot prize, just press the 'Max Bet' button on every spin.

Online Slots Secrets and Tips

Playing online slots, it comes down to good timing and luck. On the other hand, there is no harm in learning few useful tips and strategy tricks to get most of it experience and increase your winning odds.

  • Pick the right online slot machine: Different online slots machines offers various game features that other machines doesn't include. These additional features may be the crucial difference between losing and winning a big prize.
  • Always read the terms and conditions: Before you start playing on any online slot machine, take a time and read the terms and conditions carefully. This will let you know how many coins hits the jackpot, what are the maximum payouts, what is the minimum coin size and other necessary basic rules.
  • Watch your bankroll: All funds are automatically deducted from your online casino account, so you should never forget how much money you can afford to lose. While you are chasing a big prize, you may get too excited and forget how much money you already spent.
  • Check the payout odds: Payout odds may differ from one online casino to another, and this marginal difference can increase your winning chances.
  • Bet the maximum: In order to activate all pay lines, you should bet the maximum. Pick the game you can actually afford and don't miss the jackpot just because you didn't choose to play a 'Max Bet'.
  • Keep an eye on bonuses: Sometimes bonuses are not worth all the trouble, so before claiming your bonus make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Every slot machines are run on Random Number Generator, so you shouldn't think that the game can be your lucky game. If you are continuously on a losing streak, take a break and try some other day. It is important to know you should quit. Keep in mind besides winning