Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin Slot Review 

While the new and exciting video slot machines with a dozen different symbols, free spins, bonus games and dozens of other features have become massively popular on the internet, there are still plenty of us who prefer the good old fashioned slots where the wins are pretty obvious and not as complicated.  

Twin Spin, while not being a classic three reel slot, is much more similar to these good old machines than most modern slots. Twin Spin comes from NetEnt and features a 243 Ways to Win system, meaning all wins from the left most reel to the right will count as wins.  

Twin Spin Graphics and Animations 

The graphical engine of Twin Spin is relatively simple for a video slot, yet much more advanced than the old three reel slots. Twin Spin features for the most part the standard symbols you would see in a bar slot machine such as the Seven, Bell, Diamond and Double Cherry.  

All of this is set into a machine that resembles the machines of old, with some additional animations and modern graphics that are characteristic to NetEnt’s games. The game also features an exciting background music theme and some fun sounds on every big win, designed to keep you sharp and focused on the game.  

Twin Spin Gameplay 

Twin Spin does not have paylines, and is rather a 243 Ways to Win slot, meaning all symbol combinations from left to right will count. The slot can be played at a minimum of $0.25 per spin and all the way up to a maximum of $125 per spin for the high rollers.  

The Diamond is the highest paying symbol in the game, paying 1.000 coins for a single combination of five and potentially much more if multiple combinations are available. The real trick in Twin Spin and the reason the game is called so is the fact that every spin contains two adjacent identical reels at a minimum.  

The Adjacent reels will contain three identical symbols and can appear anywhere, for instance on reels 1 and 2 or reels 3 and 4. The real money comes when the adjacent reels randomly expand to three, four or even all five reels. Expanding to all five reels is guaranteed to pay massively even if the symbols on the reels are not very high paying as there are 243 total combinations.  

Twin Spin is a game of patience primarily as most big wins will come from expanding reels but these big wins certainly compensate for all the waiting. If you are a fan of the bit more old fashioned machines, Twin Spin is the game for you.  

Get Going With Twin Spin 

Twin Spin can be an extremely exciting game that can pay hundreds of spins worth of cash in just a single spin. The less patient players may want to choose a video slot with multiple feature games instead but if you are ok with waiting a bit longer for much bigger prizes, we highly recommend giving Twin Spin a whirl.